Stainless steel handles HL-01

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Stainless steel hand 304 (solid)

Stainless steel handles HL-01
  • Stainless steel handles HL-01

Stainless steel handles HL-01

Code : HL-01

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Product description


We provide a wide range of interior accessories solutions with a variety of options to optimize the use and still ensure the aesthetics of your home.

Supplying products for furniture:

  • Floor hinges,
  • Glass, door handles,
  • Glass hinges,
  • Slides,
  • Flip flops,
  • Handle lock,
  • Cylindrical staircase,
  • Related Accessories ...
  • Accept orders on request.

Possessing outstanding abilities is an essential element for a business that is more responsive to the market as well as a long-term success. For us, this is made up of the following elements:

  • Quality, prestige, flexibility and incessant development.
  • Customer-centric.

Our criterion is: "The best product quality and service is top priority".

Why choose us

Quality products

Diverse products & services

Genuine goods at discounted prices

Peace of mind when shopping

Always committed to quality

High discount

Thoughtful service

Fast delivery in 24 hours

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